Think Outside The Box

Emergent Literacy Skills Through The Arts

Private Tutoring

One of the most difficult skills to learn and master is writing.  Creative Learning Concepts teaches all students written expression skills relative to their lives and the world today. Their thinking, organizational, and written expression skills are enhanced and strengthened in these groups.

Ideal for students with ASD, Dyslexia, AD/HD, struggling readers, and struggling learners. Each learning experience is personal and meaningful by methodically teaching target skills at a set pace tailored for each student which encourages personalized learning.

Small Group Instruction

For those who can’t reach a Creative Learning Concepts location, Facetime, Skype, and many other live video chat services are available for your mobile phone or laptop so that your personalized learning experience comes to you!

Designed for individuals with ASD, Autism, AD/HD, emotional impairments, and developmental delays focusing on numerous complex concepts and skills, such as social language and social skills, make learning social language and social skills more easily manageable.

Distance Learning

Social Skills Groups

For students with different learning abilities who require slightly more personalized learning than what is given in a traditional classroom. These usually consist of partners in small group settings, aiding each other with language skills, social skills, and metacognition.

Music Therapy Program

Written Expression Groups

Reading and math literacy skills are taught through interactive lessons, making each lesson personalized for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.    Lessons in this program are extremely motivational.  The arts are used relative to each lesson allowing the students to learn in a particularly creative fashion.

The Creative Learning Concepts music therapy program is about personal expression and being creative. Confidence is one thing we build upon in this program, and what better way than to show students their inner creativity. Whether is lerning to play guitar, learning to play piano, learning to make beats, or even learning music theory, the Creative Learning Concepts music therapy program is all about learning confidence. If learning to make music isn’t ideal, learning what type of music brings confidence to yourself is.